Koh Phangan is a beautiful island right in the Gulf of Thailand, famed for its full moon party held monthly. It is located between Koh Tao (35kms) and Koh Samui islands (15 km). The word "Ngan" means sand, possibly due to the island’s numerous sand bars. The primary economic activity for the natives was coconut farming and fishing. In the 1960's there was a lot of tin mining, but that collapsed during the 1970's. Tourism then took off as a major economic activity, up to date.


From Bangkok- Thailand's capital, you can either take a bus, train or plain and ferry to Koh Phangan.

By plane- flying is by far the fastest and most convenient means, regardless of its cost. You can book a flight from either Bangkok or Thai Airways, and fly to Koh Samui airport. From Koh Samui, you will board a ferry to Koh Phangan. Booking a plane ticket in advance is much cheaper than booking it at the office.

By train- you can board a train from Bangkok train station to the ferry pier, then a ferry to Koh Phangan. A train is much cheaper than the plane, and you can also save hotel costs for a night by traveling overnight. Most trains are very comfortable, allowing you to sleep all the way.

By bus- you can board a bus from Bangkok to the ferry pier, then a ferry to Koh Phangan. To reduce the hassle of booking single tickets, some companies offer joint tickets for both the bus and ferry ride. Songserm is a good example of such a company, which also ensures that you are safe and comfortable throughout your journey.

Songserm also offers ferry transport services from Koh Phangan to nearby islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao.


1. The Full Moon Party

The full moon on Koh Phangan is a beautiful site, and some tourists started organizing a party once a month when the moon was up. The party is usually held at the sandy Haad Rin Nok beach, attracting 10,000-30,000 tourists into the island every month. If you want to have a crazy, wild night of drinking and partying, this is the place to go. You will experience a once in a lifetime sensation of freedom and happiness away from the boredom and monotony of everyday life.

2. Koh Phangan Beaches.

Koh Phangan offers some of the most pristine and sandy beaches in Thailand. It's good to note that the best time to visit is between December and March when the water is high, clean and perfect for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Some of these beaches are: Haad Khuat (bottle beach), Haad Salad,Haad Riin Nok (full moon beach), Haad Son (secret beach), Haad Riin (sunrise and sunset beaches) and Haad Moe Haad.

3. Kun Yin Temple

The Kun Yin is a Chinese temple with three buildings overlooking the Chaloklhum bay. The Kun Yin is the goddess of mercy, and the temple is surrounded by an interesting story of a woman's dream, and how it came to be built into a temple. The shrine is also a perfect spot for viewing Koh Tao Island since it is on a high mountain.

4. Koh Phangan Water Falls

Koh Phangan is home to several waterfalls away from the beach whereby you can have a relaxing time. The best time to visit the water falls is after rainfall when there is plenty of water flowing. The most outstanding water falls are:

5. Wat Pho Sauna

Located on the south coast of Koh Phangan, the Wat Pho sauna provides deep relaxation and detoxification for all who visit, especially after a night out partying in the full moon party. The sauna makes use of herbs which are vaporized, and the client breathes in the hot vapor, opening up the skin's pores which then release all toxins from the body, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The sauna is nearby a fish pond and a shop selling herbal remedies.


You can get to Koh Tao by:

Road networks in Koh Phangan are terrible and with rough terrains. To get around, you can hire dirt bikes or 4WD jeeps. Always check the condition of the jeeps and bikes before using them, and exercise utmost road safety.


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