Koh Tao & Koh Phangan’s Partys

Celebrating on Koh Tao and Koh Phangan: Unforgettable Island Parties Travel with Songserm Ferries to the best events on the Islands in the Gulf of …


Sep 21, 2022 - 14 min read

Celebrating on Koh Tao and Koh Phangan: Unforgettable Island Parties

Travel with Songserm Ferries to the best events on the Islands in the Gulf of Thailand. From the famous Full Moon Party to Koh Tao’s Experience Festival.

Unforgettable Party Experiences on Koh Tao & Koh Phangan

If you are travelling down to the paradise Islands in the Gulf of Thailand & you are someone that enjoys to shake a leg or two and getting down to some serious partying, then there are some events particularly on Koh Phangan & Koh Tao that you will be wanting to ensure to attend, actually you would be mad to miss them.

If you have not already heard about the famous Full Moon parties on Koh Phangan then I only have to assume that you have had your head stuck firmly in the sand for the past couple of decades. However, over the years since the first Full Moon party on Haad Rin beach back in 1985 that had an attendance of roughly 30 revelers, and was hosted by the one popular beach bar at the time ‘Paradise Bungalows’, the Island people and residents have taken advantage of the tourism boom in Thailand and have created many other party experiences.

You will now find frequent events, festivals & experiences on all 3 of the popular Islands in the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan & Koh Tao). The more extravagant, creative and in some ways wild parties tend to be the ones held on Koh Phangan & Koh Tao and if you are a real party animal then these Islands will resemble a type of heaven for you.

If you can last the distance, then at certain times of the month you will be able to go from one party, to festival, to party to experience for literally several days on end (day and night)

– but you must take time for some rest, recuperation and reenergizing food & water on the way from one event to the other, otherwise you will be running the serious risk of putting your body into a state of shock in one way or another – especially in the tropical Thailand heat that can at in some months reach the late 30’s degrees.

So what started out as one main event each month being the Full Moon Party, has now become a handful of monthly events on Koh Phangan, which include Full Moon, Half Moon & Black Moon Parties & The Jungle Experience as well as the yearly 4 days Island festival on Koh Tao, named Experience Festival which will be celebrating its 10th year of successful events in its 2017-2018 party (it starts on the 30th of December and goes on till the 2nd of January).

So, make sure you get yourself to at least one of these unforgettable party experiences and enjoy a safe enjoyable journey down to the Island of your choice when booking a boat ticket with Songserm. To give you more of an idea about what each of the parties mentioned above involves, we have provided some brief summaries/introductions below

The legendary Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party on Haad Rin beach is undoubtedly the most popular of the bunch, with some months seeing more than 30,000 party goers dancing the night and day away on the beach and in the bars, that line the whole length of the beach.

You will even find several bars/clubs that scale the hills at either end of the beach. You will be able to find a wide variety of different music genres across the lengthy beach, which is over 1 kilometer from one end to the other.

Styles from Psytrance, to Techno, to Drum & Bass and House Music and much more can be enjoyed from both international and local DJs, and the party carries on going until the early hours of the next morning, past sunrise with most bars winding down the sound systems at about 7 – 8 am.

If you still have some petrol remaining in the proverbial tank, then you should make your way up the hill at the Paradise Bungalow side of the beach and towards the popular Backyard party that actually starts at roughly 6am and carries on through the day and into the early hours of the next day, meaning you can be partying for a full 48 hours straight – Only the real hard-core revelers can handle this amount of partying surely?

While there are a lot of security measures being taken during these monthly parties, attendees should always be vigilant and careful of one another and do your best not to overdo it and get yourself into a state of incoherence. Try and exercise responsible partying (if there is such a thing).

Half Moon Festival

The Half Moon Festival, as the name suggests, these parties take place during the times of the month when the Moon is halfway through its cycle and so actually these occur every 2 weeks throughout the year and rather than being on the beach, they are set in the Jungle and have been going for 15 years in 2017.

They are quite a lot smaller in attendance than the Full Moon Parties, however, they certainly make up for it with the creative and unique location. There are 3 stages with psytrance, progressive house and techno found at the main stage, Urban styled music and R & B in the cave and then Funky House music lovers should make their way to the G Floor stage.

This party really provides a unique environment and a once in a lifetime experience that really captures the lifestyle of the people on the party Island of Koh Phangan.

The Jungle Experience

This is another Koh Phangan party and one that occurs once a month and is always the day before the Full Moon Parties, they can be seen as a kind of warm up party for the Full Moon party.

They are located in the lush Jungle of Baan Tai, and again they provide a truly unique party experience for their attendees. The Jungle Experience has earned the reputation as being the Island’s most beautiful party event experience, and you will often find international world-famous DJs playing to the party people.

The main music genres enjoyed at these events are progressive house and techno.

The Experience Festival

The Experience Festival is coming into its 10th year over 2017 & 2018 and is a 4-day festival event that takes place each year between the 30th of December & the 2nd of January.

Each year it attracts like-minded people from all over the world with its cult-like following, all there to get fully immersed into a 4-day journey of full on Psy-Trance music.

The Festival has many stages set on a mountaintop surrounded by tropical jungle and beautiful views across some of Koh Taos pristine beaches. It really is a one of a kind type of venue and festival that surely will keep on going for many years to come.

So, the above introductions should set you off on the right foot to enjoying some of the bigger more well-known parties on the Gulf of Thailand triplet of Islands, but like mentioned earlier on, there are now a great number of parties, festivals and experiences to enjoy, and the number seems to be always increasing.

Enjoy yourself and be safe!