Songserm Company is a transport company in the Gulf of Thailand. The company specializes in ferry as well as bus transport known as Joint Ticket. Being the first and oldest ferry company to carry people across the Gulf Of Thailand and the Andaman Sea,the company has improved and diversified its services over the years, making it one of the best transport companies for buses and ferries inThailand.Songserm specializes in transporting people to the Thailand islands of Koh Tao, Koh Samui, and Koh Phangan, which are perfect holiday destinations.


Many ferry companies operate across the Gulf of Thailand e.g.Lomprayah and Seatran discovery companies. However, being the first ferry company in the region, Songserm has grown to become the best Thailand ferry company. Some of the benefits of using Songserm include:

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Koh Tao or “Turtle Island” is a small island with beautiful clear waters that are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Samui Island is the second biggest island, and home to the big Buddha sculpture, the grandmother and grandfather rocks, numerous beaches, and many breathtaking sceneries.

The island is famous for the full moon party and beautiful beaches with lots of powdery sand. Apart from the parties, the island is home to several shrines and relaxation spots.


Songserm Ferry routes include:

1. Chumphon to Koh Tao and back.

2. Chumphon to Koh Phangan and back.

3. Chumphon to Koh Samui and back.

4. Donsak to Koh Tao and back.

5. Donsak to Koh Phangan and back.

6. Donsak to Koh Samui and back.

7. Koh Phangan to Koh Tao and back.

8. Koh Phangan to Koh Samui and back.

9. Koh Samui to Koh Tao and back.

To reduce the hassle of moving around, you can book combo tickets whereby you use a bus from
Bangkok to Chumphon then a ferry from Chumphon to Koh Tao, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan


Songserm offers flexible and easy ways of booking tickets. You can simply book tickets through any of the following ways:

1. Online- the beauty of online booking is that you can book
   from anywhere and at any time, and your ticket gets
   delivered instantly to your email address.

2. Agencies-there are various travel agencies around Thailand
   that you can make use of. You, however, have to be extra
   cautious while dealing with them, since not all agencies are
   genuine are genuine.

3. Walk-ins- you can simply walk into of Songserm’s offices
   and book a ticket for your desired destination.

4. Website- Songserm's website has a 24/07 live chat support
   whereby you will be guided on how to book your ticket.

172 Khaosan road. Taladyod,Pranakorn Bangkok 10200 Thailand

Tel +66 2629 3415

Fax +66 2280 1961

Email :