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Much More Fun to Be Had on Thai Islands Than Swimming in the Sea & Sun-Bathing

Much More Fun to Be Had on Thai Islands Than Swimming in the Sea & Sun-Bathing

Following suit with the rest of the country, the triplet of Islands frequented in the Gulf of Thailand that you can find easy passage way to when traveling with Songserm Ferries offer a great deal more for their visitors than what you would expect from the usual paradise/tropical island holiday.

Of course, there are the well-known beach parties and nightlife fun to be had, but there is really so much more to it than that. You will find numerous dry-land activities Then also of course there are many Scuba Diving courses and Snorkeling Trips; It is always best to book a boat trip for enjoying the best snorkeling experience or join a Scuba Diving boat and snorkel while they dive. Then you will also find places to rent Kayaks, Jet Skis and all sorts of blow up Lillo’s.

Also, you can try out a bit of Parasailing on the more popular beaches of each island and enjoy the fantastic views when flying high up in the sky! On land there are also many things to do, like Go-Karting on Koh Samui Shooting at the Koh Samui Shooting Range, a Canopy Adventure on Koh Phangan and also an ATV Tour around Koh Phangan and then there is also a great zip line found just off Koh Tao on Koh Nangyuang Island.

More recently a couple more adventure activities were added to Koh Phangan Island’s list of already extensive attractions which have really taken off and become very popular in a relatively short space of time. They are each quite out of the ordinary and it must be said that they truly do fit in with the Island people’s character; being fun, while also a little perhaps dangerous. These two newer.

A giant slip slide sending the slider flying high into the air before splashing down into a manmade lake/pool.

This great conception is a unique creation made by one of the local families on Koh Phangan and it was set up in 2014 to give the Island something new to offer to the great number of tourists who flock to it each month in preparation for the Famous Full Moon Parties.

The price for an all-day ticket for 1 person to use the slide all day as well as the adjacent swimming pool and Part in the multiple prize giveaways is set at 600 THB. The attraction opens sporadically over the month, closing from time to time for maintenance duties and keeping the place clean and safe.

It really is a party atmosphere at Slip N Fly with local and visiting DJs playing an array of dance music to keep the people energized all day long and also food and drinks available at the bar. There are also package deals available for Bachelor events and other groups who wish to book an exclusive day at the Giant Slip Slide, with added extras thrown in such as private DJs, open bar, exotic dancers, BBQ’s, Thai Cuisine and anything else you might want to suggest to the organizers.

The attraction in the heart of Koh Phangan has been getting increasing more popular with island visitors and certainly makes for a very fun day out, enjoying something a little different from the norm.

The Challenge Phangan is an obstacle course set within one of the inner island lakes of tropical Koh Phangan.

The course provides a set of fun and challenging obstacles to overcome and can be enjoyed as a course to test yourself and compete against your friends and foes.

Opened in 2015 and is another activity that has taken off on the Island, increasing in popularity every month.

Tickets can be purchased for 500 THB per person or VIP tickets that include a meal, drink and t-shirt to remember your fun filled day for years to come.

As mentioned earlier on/further up this page, there are many Scuba Diving Schools/Centers located across all three Islands, however the main diving locations are based around Koh Tao and for that reason, Koh Tao is the more popular of the three Islands for avid and wanting to learn divers.

Also, at certain times of the year (March/April/May & Oct/Nov/Dec) many diving enthusiasts will join the boats going from Koh Tao to the popular Chumphon Dive location and have a chance of seeing the amazing Whale Shark, which as you may know already is the world’s largest known living fish.

So there you have it, you will certainly always be able to find something fun to do when visiting the three Islands down in the southern Gulf of Thailand and take away many amazing memories and photos with you that will last a lifetime.

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